Melt Your Face Window Sticker

Melt Your Face Window Sticker


Melt Your Face Window Sticker

This sticker is about 5 inches wide X 6 and 1/8 inches tall. Officially licensed merch.

This is a Window sticker with Clear backing. It can be placed anywhere you like! Apply to a smooth, clean, dry surface.

This is a classic "Steal Your Face" with the traditional red, blue and white coloring. However the melted steal your face has an awesome splatter, melting design.

This is one of our favorites because it makes an awesome pair with the sleeping sun window sticker. Place one on either side of a cars back window, giving your personal speed machine a lightening fast effect even while in park. See our Sleeping Sun Sticker for more details.

This symbol is a logo for the Grateful Dead, designed in 1969, the logo was the collaborative work of Owsley Stanley and artist Bob Thomas.

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