Bright Leather Bracelets.

Bright Leather Bracelets.


Bright Leather Bracelets

Adjustable, Colors vary, choose your favorite and we will do our best to match. Our photos show a good sampling of the color variety. Some multi color bracelets occur.

Our Bright Leather Bracelets are leather with strong cord wrapped around them in a variety of designs. They are easy adjustable and fit pretty much everyone above age 7. These bracelets come in almost all of the Chakra colors, (not purple-crown chakra) so they would be a cool choice for adding a bit of Chakra color to your accessories wardrobe. A group of them would make for an awesome rainbow statement, or just pick your favorite bracelet color for fun!


Root Chakra (well being) choose Red

Sacral Chakra (emotional balance) choose Orange

Solar Plexus Chakra (personal power) choose Yellow

Heart Chakra (love and relationships) choose Green

Throat Chakra (communication) choose Light Blue

Third Eye Chakra (vision / intuition) choose Dark Blue.


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